giant precision

With giant’s unrivalled back office software we can help your business streamline processes, save costs and leverage growth – from small beginnings to global footprints.

We offer cloud-based and mobile-enabled on-boarding and paperless timesheet management, automated invoicing, payroll and payment solutions together with MI analytics that can integrate with your other systems and software.


Our long-term clients – since 1992 and ongoing – include Page Group and Barclays Bank. But we love helping small companies too. Our assets? A gift for software, an unfailing commitment to compliance and decades of experience. All of our clients appreciate the results: streamlined back-office processes, control, transparency, risk mitigation and cost savings.

Choose from giant precision essential if you are an aspiring SME business or giant precision enterprise if you require more functionality and flexibility.

Onboarding contract management

100% compliance guaranteed

Timesheet data capture

in any format from paper to photo to output file to online

Automated invoicing

receive payments faster reducing debtor days

More accurate data

eliminate errors and invoice queries

Payroll options

we manage, or you manage, you decide


use our registered bacs bureaux or receive payment files

UK based support team

strict SLA’s ensuring speedy resolutions


providing global ability


to match you and your clients’ needs

Additional functionality

system functionality increases as you grow


your logo and colouring so you always look good

GDPR compliance

we have it covered

risk mitigation
Compliance is our watchword. We anticipate changes in legislation and employment trends, so we develop technology and design smart processes to minimise your risks – now and in the future.
security & GDPR
Our rigorous international security standard ISO 27001 is reassurance that your sensitive data is secure and GDPR-compliant, protecting you from financial and reputational risk (we also adhere to ISO 9001 – international quality standard – and ISO 14001 – environmental management).
data integration
Our standard and secure processes can offer easy integration with your front office, financial software and other third-party products providing a seamless real-time flow of data.
experience and expertise
The services of giant precision are delivered by giant group, providing compliance-driven workforce solutions since 1992. Trusted by companies such as Page Group and Barclays Bank, our cloud-based software and managed services offer streamlined processes, visibility, control, cost savings and risk mitigation to companies of all sizes. Worldwide.